Pushing Through Fear

Everyone has fears; the person who says otherwise is lying.  Quite honestly, one of my fears is that my readers will read the words that I am writing and further convince them that I am indeed the lunatic that I have been telling them that I am all along.  In all seriousness though, one of my fears is that people won’t read these words.  One of my fears is that people won’t listen to me.

Like many people, I’ve had my fair share of struggles in life.  On the other hand, I feel blessed in so many ways and know there are many more people who have struggled much more than I.  Frequently, I write about the importance of perspective.  By living deliberately and shifting our perspective, we can change the way we see the world.  It is important to simply understand that we can change.


Right now, I am writing…or at least I am trying to.  I feel myself struggling for words.  I want to stop.  I want to take the easy way out and crawl back into bed for another hour or so before I actually need to get up.  However, I have a message to share.  I have something deep inside me that I need to say.  I continue writing searching for the right words to express myself.  I fear I will never find them.

It is important for me to acknowledge this.  Every time that I do, I continue writing.  I never stop.  I realize that my fears are nothing more than a brief perspective of the moment.  Before I know it, the fear has passed, more words have been written and my fears have passed like dust in the wind.

These moments of clarity come when I take time for myself to reflect.  Whether it’s a walk in the woods, going out for a run, or time spent writing – I find myself best able to address my fears when I have taken the time to fully understand them.  It’s much easier to not take the time to look at the man in the mirror.  It’s much easier to sleep walk through life and not pay attention to the painful reality that is life.

With that said, once we realize that we have actually spent time in our lives doing this, the realization that we have not been fully paying attention becomes more painful than the perceived pain of life’s reality.  We can allow this pain to continue with lives dominated by complacence and apathy or we can put an end to it by not only making a decision to change, but ultimately taking action and executing.

The decision is yours.


We have a choice.  We can choose to take the red pill.  We can choose to take the blue pill.  Sometimes we can pretend we take a pill and simply “cheek it” only to spit it out later.  Whatever words you use to describe addressing your fears is up to you, but the bottom line is that you have a choice.  You can take the time to reflect on what your fears are or act accordingly…or not.  What will you choose to do today?

5 thoughts on “Pushing Through Fear

  1. What I liked about this is that you took me with you through the changes in perspective instead of internalizing them and then giving me a how to on changing perspective. The realness of seeing the struggle said more to me than all the similar pieces I have read from a positive — See I did it now you can too — perspective. For some of us it IS a challenge and the decisions have to be made as a series of choices not just one big — I am going to do it! Thanks for some transparency in your writing. You were read. And You were listened to.

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