My Resume Lady and Happy Tears

Less than 30 minutes ago…I found myself in tears.  Happy tears.

Shortly afterwards, I was exchanging messages with a friend who wrote, “I am so happy for you. I love when you are connected in conversation and it brings out emotions. Even better is being vulnerable and free to do so.”

For over two months, I have been on a medical leave of absence.  During this time, the correspondence with my employer has been…less than desirable.  All too frequently, I find myself frustrated, depressed, angry and confused.

It finally dawned on me that after almost six years with this employer – the harsh reality is that I will likely lose my job.  While there are likely grounds to “fight” it…I’m not so sure this battle is one in which I wish to engage.

The inevitable change has been paralyzing at times.  Situations such as this demand that we address our fears…otherwise we will be steamrolled by life on life’s terms.  This has happened to me before and will certainly happen again.

Suffice it to say, the time during my leave of absence has allowed me to reach this conclusion on my own terms and quite slowly at that.  Over the past few months, I have been spending many hours each week working on my resume and scouting jobs online.

Mid-December, I finally began applying for some jobs.  Mid-December, I began receiving rejection letters.  I was applying for jobs everywhere.  I couldn’t accept the fact that I was here.

Looking back, it seems as though I was applying for jobs elsewhere to prevent me from dealing with the reality that would be facing me every time I looked in the mirror.  Nevertheless…I kept up the hustle.


A week or so ago, I came to the realization that I am here – and here is where I will make my stand.  I began to look for opportunities for employment here.  Once I made this realization and came to this conclusion…amazing things began to happen to me.  Within a matter of days…I was presented with opportunities.

For example, a friend requested my resume on account that there were discussions about potential positions being created in 2014 that might be a good fit for me.  Shortly thereafter, a family member handed me a business card from a local business owner who mentioned that he might be looking for someone to fill a position where someone like me might be a good fit.

After more hustle, I tweaked my resume further and sent it to my friend.  I also sent my resume out to Amy Campbell, of  I “met” Amy through an online community that formed around Jon Acuff’s book titled, START.  You can read more about the online community and its development here.

bloglogoAfter a brief exchange with Amy, I emailed her my resume and within days, we had scheduled an appointment to review my resume.  This was the first experience sending my resume to a professional.  Not knowing what to expect, I was blown away by the quality of service that I received from her.  Amy’s personality was warm and welcoming and her passion for helping me was unquestionable.

She helped me understand all aspects of my resume, gave me advice where and when it was necessary and answered all of my questions – all in a way that was beyond professional.  It was evident that she truly cared about me and that she wanted me to succeed.

It is important to understand that while we were part of the same online community…we had no correspondence prior to our discussion.  I learned of Amy Campbell after reading a *raving* testimonial about her work.  After spending time with Amy on the phone…I wanted to write my own raving testimonial.

Not only did Amy Campbell help me review my resume, she helped me identify my strengths and gave me the courage to share them with others.  She motivated me to “punch fear in the face” and embrace the talents that I have and not be afraid to show them.  She inspired me to look beyond what I think I am capable of doing and chase dreams I never even thought possible.  She challenged me to become a Thought Leader and provided me with much needed encouragement at a time I needed it.

At the end of our conversation, I was filled with joy and I found myself in tears.  Happy tears.

Contact my Resume Lady, Amy Campbell.  May you be blessed with happy tears and the ability to be “vulnerable and free to do so.”

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