The Distractions of Life and Curve Balls

Sometimes…life throws us a curve ball.

Many of us are in the business world and speak of being proactive.  However, when we are faced with the curve balls, or the distractions of life, we often rely on how we react to them.  Life happens on life’s terms – this is reality.   However, if we spend less time thinking about how life happens to us and how much control over life we actually do have – we begin to change our perception.

A lifestyle of living deliberately as frequently as possible ensures that when these curve balls are thrown at us (and trust me, they get thrown) that we have already begun to prepare how we will react.

Grasshopper and his disciple in Kung Fu

Deliberate living is not easy.  Throughout our childhood and adolescence we lose the innocence we had as a baby.  These years and into adulthood, we also become corrupted – subject to the various propaganda, media and people (among other things) that keep us distracted.

While we are born with the ability to ebb and flow with what life throws at us, we are also unprepared to deal with what life throws at us.  We are physically weak when we are first born and while perhaps not mentally “strong” in the way that we may commonly think of strong, we are all born with the ability to live this way and live deliberately.

Embracing simplicity in order to live deliberately helps me react in the most efficient way possible at this time when life throws me the proverbial curve ball.  The curve balls will never stop…but I can change the way that I attempt to hit them – or if I attempt to hit them at all.

Stay tuned.