061813 2045 1454 words

061813 2045 1454 words

My alien brothers and sisters

You know who you are.  This blog post goes out to you…

Sound like the intro of a terrible 80’s hair band love ballad (or blog post), but I digress…

When I arrived home from another day in the field today, I had originally planned to do a four mile run.  However, I was contemplating not running in order to spend extra time getting caught up with my untagged notes in Evernote.  I utilize The Secret Weapon for email and thought collection and for overall task management.  Besides…I struggled finding a new fitness goal and am not overly stoked on my current one…so it’s easy to make excuses.  It’s easier to admit this stupid truth.

Anyways, this is what I chose to do.  I spent several hours playing catch up and “emptying my inbox.”  During this time, I was posting to and periodically checking in on facebook.  Returning to facebook approximately two months ago is something I’ve been meaning to write about (that list is quite long).  I will touch on it here, but only in passing.  As I write these words, I begin the pomodoro timer to officially spend one (possibly two (or more)) pomodoros writing about the sheer awesomeness of my evening  tonight…the evil truth is that some of this awesome includes the wicked and evil facebook!

With that said, prepare for an entertaining (and quite awful) following paragraphs of trash.  I will do my best to not be as deliberately offensive as I have been accused of in the past.  I will excuse your ignorance as much as I excuse my own without being rude and abusive.  You see, it is times like this where I find myself trying to out-write myself with one “witty” statement following another.  It’s almost as if I’m trying to out-wit myself…the result is writing and blog posts from an apparent dimwit.

This evening, I spent one pomodoro reading up on the crossfit scene – as I am seriously considering involvement in this.  While I love running, I am seeking a more time efficient and full body workout which includes mobility and stretching.   After developing a runner specific injury, I decided that it would be best to include a more diverse exercise regimen to keep in shape and achieve a different set of goals.

Transition has been a big part of the past year of my life.  After ending a serious relationship (on the best terms possible, of course), changing the type of seizure medication taken daily for 20+ years, training for and running a marathon, regular chi practice and increased trips into the wilderness to experience solitude and spirituality have resulted in a drastically different, but same set of life experiences.

What’s the point of this?  What the hell am I getting at after several paragraphs of this nonsense that never really seems to be tied together…yet I incessantly try and continue to do this in order to amuse the people that might be interested in reading some of this.  Hell, if I was a person, I would be inclined to read some idiot’s blog and have a few laughs at the whimsical life that he leads.  But, alas – I cannot do this…for it is I that am living the whimsical life that I dream of reading about.  I have chosen to be the writer.  Still…no point in all of this, I am the alien!


While rocking out my pomodoro’s tonight, I found myself checking into the facebooks during each 5-minute Pomodoro break.  Not unlike other evenings, I found myself engaging with some friendly banter with my old friend and former roommate, Michael.  Ironically (or not), I found his wedding invitation in a pile of mail that I was processing over the weekend.  I had set this aside months ago and was going to return it with a written letter explaining my “life plan” at that time and why I would choose not to attend his wedding (coming up next month) – but, I had not gotten to it.

Tonight, after some friendly banter, I decided that I should call him to congratulate and explain the situation since I had obviously failed at communication and correspondence.  I felt like a jerk and hoped that an honest opportunity to explain where I was at and to explain that I felt like a jerk.  I felt like a jerk having just “sat” on the invitation for a couple of months with a bunch of mail and papers in my inbox…waiting to be processed.  I felt like a jerk having treated a friend like a mere cog in my organizational machine.  I felt like a jerk because I felt like if that had happened to me…it would hurt me.

Pomodoro up.  Stay tuned for Round 2…

I ended that last pomodoro in a slightly negative direction, having also written, “I can only hope that my friend Michael can forgive me for the…” at which point I stopped, due to the pomodoro timer.  After a quick 5 minute, break, I am back at it again.  I’d like to take the negative tone of the message and try to put a most positive spin on it.  I recognize that I failed in keeping this stack of mail for so long and not processing it accordingly.  I hope that a phone call, apology, explanation can begin the process of forgiveness.  I’m a jerk and would probably hold a grudge even though I would play it off as all cool.  I’m getting better at this shit…but that’s a reality that is.  That’s a reality that was.  I’m trying to live in a most deliberate manner these days.

Lately, I seem incredibly tuned in to the reality that has become my life.  Writing about these moments helps me process all of it and is therapeutic, especially when I write in my damned vague ambiguity talking about people that may potentially read my blog…knowing that the chance is there…which leads me to write in a thinly veiled manner, enough to “protect the innocent” in a sense.  This stupidity is something that I’ll write about at times…hopefully I don’t offend anybody too badly with this trash.  Undoubtedly there will be people that get bent out of shape about something that I had written.  I’m not politically correct and I probably engage in some kind of behavior that you might find curious.  Either way, this evening was filled with events that made me feel inspired to write and share the beauty and curiosity of it all with whoever chooses to read these words.

While I contemplated continuing on the rant that this blog post was becoming, I chose against doing so and scrolled up a couple of paragraphs before I digressed into the fantasy land of my gray matter.  At that point, I was beginning to talk about my phone call with Michael and how I was feeling “incredibly tuned in.”  We spoke for approximately 40 minutes or so…when I initially called him, it was like we were transported back in time.  We instantly connected.  Our lives have gone in very different directions over the years and have both experienced an incredible amount of transition in our lives.  We were both “incredibly tuned in.”  Living life like water.  Incredible conversation.


The image above is a book that he suggested I read…note the “kindle edition” photo.  It’s a inadvertent advertisement for the Kindle, of which I am an owner.   I was hesitant about the electronic book idea, but have since latched on to the idea.  While I still love my reference books, most books are sufficient to read and refer to in their electronic format.  However, this is another topic for another day.   Back to the conversation shared with Michael.  We seem to share the perspective we have on life and how we frame and view our own realities.  As much as we could, we caught each other up on life experiences – but mostly it was probably me trying to “explain myself” out of not attending his wedding and simply being a space cadet when it came to the return of the formal wedding invitation.  At any rate, the conversation covered the spectrum from our personal and professional lives, health and wellness to the socio-economic-political scale.  It was wonderful.  Conversation like this is a blessing.

After this conversation, I went downstairs to grab a cool PBR and write.  I have since had two cans of PBR while writing over the course of these two pomodoro sessions.  While I considered spending a third pomodoro tonight writing further, I think I will call it a night, grab a little snack and read one of the few books I’ve got my nose in before hitting the sack and getting up early tomorrow morning.

Pomodoro up!

Stay tuned

06122013 1921 594 words

06122013 1921 594 words

I find myself bumbling through this blog post.  As you read this, I am writing it, not unlike every other post.  Tonight, is slightly different in that I am experimenting with writing in that I am utilizing Microsoft Word as a writing platform instead of simply going to my WordPress blog site.

Why the change?  Recently, I have had my nose in about 10-12 books, one of which is “Start,” by Jon Acuff.  In that book, he writes about his own process of becoming a writer.  He wrote about the times that it was difficult for him to gain the motivation for writing.  This has always been a challenge for any writer – at least that is what I am aspiring to be…so I can only imagine…but I digress.

His suggestion (or at least my understanding of his suggestion) was to limit writing to 200 or 500 word blog posts.  Whether or not this was actually something that I could take from his writing remains to be seen…but for whatever reason, it seemed like a good thing to implement into my own writing routine – if, for no other reason than to mix it up a little bit.  Besides, I would like to turn this blog into a website of sorts and potentially a small business.   Why not?  Anything is possible…

After re-reading the above paragraph, I laughed at the absurdity of it and grabbed my kindle to “fact-check” myself to verify that what I was referencing was accurate.  Shortly after turning my kindle on, I set it down and said, “To hell with this.”  If you are so damn interested in the exact quote or book reference, grab the book and read it yourself.  It’s a good read and I’d suggest doing so regardless.


With that said, I grabbed a quick image off the interwebs to make this trash more visually appealing.  Did it work?  Very well, I’ll keep this in mind for the next post I waste time on.  Like many other aspects of my life, my writing has fallen into patterns.  I have a tendency to get comfortable in a certain aspect of my life and almost get complacent.  I often take it for granted.  If often comes back to haunt me.

Luckily, I like to think that I am learning…but much like I frequently reflect back 5 or 10 years and laugh at the error of my ways – I undoubtedly will find myself doing the same again about today as I look back and reflect in another 5 or 10 years from now.  Be that as it may, in an effort to keep walking the path of learning, I continue reading.  Jon Acuff was an author that I found out about via Dave Ramsey.

Dave Ramsey is an financial talk show host and author.  I have been a fan of Dave Ramsey for years.  His promotion of Jon Acuff is well deserved.  I am enjoying his book “Start” and look forward to reading some of his other works, namely “Quitter.”   Speaking of quitter, I find myself glancing over towards the pomodoro timer – as I feel like I’m running out of things to write about.  I want to quit writing tonight.

It’s worth noting that I want to be a writer (among other things) and therefore decided that tonight (like many other nights), I would be one.  It was time to START being a writer.  With the pomodoro timer up and my conclusions on tonights blog post drawn it is time to bid you goodnight and sweet dreams.

Stay tuned.