@Fitness – 8 mile run, 9:43 pace


Today’s run felt great!  On the last mile, I really kicked it up a notch – especially the last half mile!

It is pleasing to see that after starting around 10 minute miles, consistent improvements to the final 8th mile.  Disregard “Mile 9” as it only represents .04 miles after the completion of the 8th mile.  Upon arriving home, I had a nice conversation with my father about their decision to shut down market operations at York Meadow Farm and begin prepping the beds for the winter.  More on that later.

After catching up with my father, I did some stretching – performing the Yoga for Runners routine.  Because I wore my new Merrill Barefoot Trail Glove shoes, my calves are extra sore.  So while the yoga was beneficial, I will likely work out later and focus some extra time on my calves with the new Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller just the other day.  I have had trigger point body work performed during massages, but after hearing my running partner discuss her experiences with the roller, I decided to try it and purchase one myself.  After only one use, I look forward to continued use of it and writing about the results.

Overall, my experience with the Trail Glove shoes was great!  While I will likely purchase a longer distance shoe with slightly more cushioning for the upcoming longer distance runs, I will probably get a shoe with minimal drop since I am becoming accustomed to the minimalist feel, especially after many miles and much use of my Vibram KSO Treksport shoes over the past few months.  Mine are old school and leather, which I like – but are discontinued I believe.

Stay tuned.

The Caffeinated Runner | Active.com

The Caffeinated Runner | Active.com.

More reading material from this morning.

After a nice good breakfast, I pulled some vivarin out of my bathroom.

Still had a nice supply of caffiene pills and sleeping pills from my traveling management days.

Since caffiene is commonly consumed in pill form by runners, I tried it.

Over the past 6 months-12 months, I have severely limited by caffiene intake and quickly became a spaz this morning.

Nevertheless, I experienced good results with this and will likely continue this on future longer runs!

Stay tuned.

Pre-Race Meal | Pre-Race Nutrition | ACTIVE | Active.com

Pre-Race Meal | Pre-Race Nutrition | ACTIVE | Active.com.


After reading this article, I decided to eat:

I debated on the shake…but decided to do it.  All of this was consumed about 1.5 hours prior to the run.


Living life, inspiration and tripping out.

Like I previously wrote…

“Living life is precisely why I am spending this weekend catching up.  Wow.  Is your mind blown yet?

If not, it should be.  The simple things are the things that blow my mind.”

If your mind is not blown by the simple things, I would encourage you to allow yourself to let it happen.  For an inspiring example of allowing your mind to be blown by simplicity, check out this video by Dave Rastovich: https://vimeo.com/24240741

You may laugh and think he is simply a stoned out surfer dude bro dude bro.  You are entitled to your own opinion.  I think people with such a simple and positive outlook on life are an inspiration to us all.  Let your mind be blown and free yourself from the mental restraints we create for ourselves every day.


Qigong for Stress Relief | GaiamTV

Today, I am feeling productive.  Many things are getting accomplished, Pomodoro style.

This weekend, I am playing catch up…moreover, I am feeling good that I am feeling productive.

It feels even better, feeling that I need to play catch up in the first place.  Why?

Well, all this reflection as of late may indicate that I’ve simply been too busy living life…and I’m ok with this.

Living life is precisely why I am spending this weekend catching up.  Wow.  Is your mind blown yet?

If not, it should be.  The simple things are the things that blow my mind.

More on this later.  At any rate…this playing of catch up can be quite stressful.

To better deal with life’s stresses…I am devoting the next “pomodoro” to the practice of qigong.  While I won’t be rocking the tomato timer on this one…this video is 27 minutes and 26 seconds long…or approximately one pomodoro.

Qigong for Stress Relief | GaiamTV.

A nice thing to do before enjoying lunch this fine Saturday.  Coming back and editing this thought later…I recall words that were spoken during the video I practice with.  These words resonate deeply with me:

“So much of stress in our life comes from patterns that are destructive patterns that repeat over and over again – creating stressful situations, putting us into situations that create more stress.  And the pattern repeats itself…by creating exercises like this [qigong] in our daily repertoire, we find that we can re-pattern our life with positive patterns – replacing destructive patterns with positive, calming, centering exercises.”

– Francisco Garripoli

Don’t allow yourself to experience life’s stresses.  Gain control and take a proactive approach to your physical and mental health.

Try qigong sometime and try it consistently for several days in a row and experience the positive results for yourself.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.